We Love Art presents RED - Richie Hawtin vs. Anish Kapoor's Leviathan

Last night Candian DJ Richie Hawtin played an immense set in front of Anish Kapoor's monumental Leviathan sculpture, under the vast roof of the Grand Palais, as part of the 30th edition of the Fete de la Musique.

As arguably the best attraction at the annual music event, creative agency We Love Art together with The Creators Project organised a marriage of music and art as the minimal techno DJ Hawtin played bassline-heavy tunes in front of Kapoor's gigantic Leviathan. Hawtin literally confronted the immese sculpture with his music, creating a synesthetic dialogue about forms, dimensions and the idea of art as experience.

The evening was entitled "Red", the glowing colour in which the visitor is immersed when inside the giant inflatable form. The minimal and reduced sounds and vibrations of the music created an experience for the visitor, much in the same way the exhibition itself does with its simplified colours and forms - the impact of both Hawtin's music and Kapoor's work provoke perhaps a universal, primordial reaction in the spectator. A light show also linked the sounds of the music with the tangible forms of the sculpture.

In keeping with the spirit of La Fete de la Musique, the event was free for the lucky 5000 revellers who managed to download a ticket before they ran out. Once inside, the mixed crowd, reduced to tiny dots in the enormity of the space, congregated between one of the three arms of the bulbous sculpture and Hawtin (also known by the name Plastikman) who presided over the masses from up high on the balcony.

A monumental sound for a monumental artwork.

All images coyright Kim Laidlaw Adrey

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