Bob's Kitchen

As much as we love Bob's Juice Bar by the Canal St Martin for a healthy lunch, it does have a downside: it's very small (and so gets full up quickly) and isn't open on a Sunday. Thank goodness then for the owner Marc Grossman's latest venture, Bob's Kitchen in the 3rd arrondissement, which is slightly bigger and, hallelujah, is open on the day of rest! The food is in the same vein as Bob's Juice Bar - original, healthy and freshly prepared. Expect fresh smoothies and juices, veggie stews, interesting salads, the Brazilian superfood acai (a berry high in antioxidants, prepared with muesli), and even pancakes and chocolate muffins. So if you've been out partying of a Saturday night and need a tasty detox for the morning after, this is just the ticket. The vibe is very laidback with canteen style benches and great big jugs of tea and infusions are shared between the diners (on the house). Staff are very friendly and helpful, and the charismatic Grossman gets stuck in, too.

Bob's Kitchen
74 rue des Gravilliers
75003 Paris
Tel: 09 52 55 11 66
Reserve in advance

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