It's that time of year when Paris is awash with art fairs, with the big art world players on show at the FIAC (see previous post). There are however smaller shows at alternative venues, such as the excellent Slick Art Fair at Paris' relatively new 104 (which as a cultural space pitches itself as an anti-museum) with stands from smaller galleries showing works from young, up and coming artists. There is a less stuffy and formal atmosphere here than at FIAC and if you want I heart Paris' opinion, this is where the interesting stuff is to be found. There are performance pieces, installations, paintings and sculptures exhibited here by artists who haven't yet been pigeon-holed by a certain style and so there are fresher and more exciting works on show than perhaps can be seen at more established galleries, and by extension more established art fairs. I heart Paris was particularly impressed by the work on display by BP portrait award winner Craig Wylie - a huge and haunting portrait in oil - and Londoner Nina Fowler who produces detailed and dynamic pencil drawings of matadors or boxers caught in stasis and encircled by shiny black resin frames of writhing women (find both of Wylie and Fowler's work at the Galerie Dukan & Hourdequin stand). We were honoured to have a drink with these two artists (and their lovely friend) at Slick and were very pleased to discover their work.

SLICK at 104
from Friday 23rd Oct - Monday 26th October
104 rue d'Aubervilliers / 5 rue Curial 75019 Paris FRANCE

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