Al Taglio

Canteen style dining seems to be all the rage at the moment in Paris - long benches and communal tables, easy ordering, a laid back, convivial atmosphere. I Heart Paris has already declared its love for Bob's Kitchen and Bob's Juice Bar - both communal dining type restaurants, and both with healthy, vitamin packed food. Well get ready for what could be their Italian-style cousin, Al Taglio, just of rue Oberkampf, which serves (slightly less healthy, but incredibly delicious) pizza in this small, simple but charming restaurant. The selection of classic (margarita, napolitana) and innovative pizzas (the exquisite potato and truffle cream) are sold by the kilo and you can select a little bit of every single type that takes your fancy. Indeed, Al Taglio is Italian for "by size" and this way of eating pizza is apparently very common in Italy. Your selection of pizza slices is served to you at the long communal tables on a little wooden chopping board, and you eat with your fingers, sip your wine and end up chatting with your neighbours... A great place to hit for a relaxed, tasty and cheap meal with friends before heading to the bars and clubs up the road on rue Oberkampf.

2 bis, rue Neuve Popincourt, 75011 PARIS
Tel: 01 43 38 12 00
metro Oberkampf

Open from midday (3.30pm on Sunday) to 11pm (midnight on Friday and Saturday). Closed Monday.


  1. This is literally 2 minutes from my apartment! I've been tweeting about this place and telling all my friends because it is SO good! My favorite is the zucchini and fontana pizza!

  2. It's a great neighbourhood joint, isn't it? But definitely worth coming to if you live in another area or are visiting Paris as the area round Oberkampf is pretty buzzy.