Dirty Dick

South Pigalle - or SoPi, if you will - continues its ascent with the arrival of the brand new, cheekily named bar Dirty Dick. Much like the recently opened cocktail bar Glass just opposite, Dirty Dick was a former hostess bar - this part of town is Paris' red-light district, afterall - and so its name has a certain, erm, poignancy, shall we say. Owned by the same team behind Rock n' Roll Circus and Kremlin, Dirty Dick has another theme entirely - it's a tiki bar, channeling a retro kitsch Polynesian vibe with wood carved totems, jungle taxidermy and murals of beautiful 60s ladies reclining on beaches. The ambiance is suitably laid-back and fun, and the drinks menu features an abundance of rum-based cocktails (including the classic tiki-bar Mai Tai or the medicinal Polynesian Remedy), all expertly mixed by the super duper team, as well as lethal punch bowls, with evocative names such as "She Sells Sea Shells" (try saying that after you've had a few...) to share among friends. Somewhat incongruously, Guinness and Newcastle Brown Ale are also on tap, and there is a good selection of bottled beers, too. Aloha, Dirty Dick, welcome to SoPi - we have a feeling we'll be coming back often.

Dirty Dick 
10 rue Frochot, 75009 Paris
Open Mon-Sun, 6pm-2am

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  1. Went there this weekend- thought the chirping bird soundtrack in the bathroom was a nice touch! Oh and also great cocktails! I think this will be a new favorite place to recreate a tropical vibe during these dreary days!