Bob's Cold Press at Le Mary Celeste

New York creatives The Sporting Project have come to Paris with a special fashion week pop-up juice bar in new Northern Marais hotspot Le Mary Celeste. Jenny Capano and Tara Gilson, the talented ladies behind The Sporting Project, are based in New York but have a love of Paris and plan to unite the two cities via their dynamic events - including this fashion week pop-up juice bar in the northern Marais. In collaboration with Marc Grossman of Bob's Juice Bar in Paris, the girls have created Bob's Cold Press juices, made from 100% organic and non-pasturised ingredients, made - as their name implies - by cold pressing the ingredients, which helps to preserve their nutritive qualities. There are three fresh vitamin-packed flavours to choose from: Green, Citrus or Roots, all for €8 a pop. The rich red Roots features beetroot, carrot, apple and ginger and packs a nice punch whilst being smooth and sweet. Also featuring at the pop-up - and continuing on the fresh, natural theme - are beautiful blooms and carefully composed bouquets from Brooklyn-based florist, Fox Fodder Farm. The pop-up will be on until 6th March as a taster before Bob's Cold Press opens up at its permanent location (10 passage Rochebrune, 75011) on 12th March. So get down to Mary Celeste and get your juice on - it's just what the doctor ordered to get through this last cold snap before spring arrives... 

Bob's Cold Press at Le Mary Celeste
27th Feb - 6th March
1 rue Commines, 75003 Paris

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  1. I have to agree - the Roots is a tasty little number!