Coutume Cafe

Paris isn't traditionally known for its ability to make a decent cup of coffee, but award-winning French speciality coffee roasters and coffee shop Coutume Café, are making it their mission to change that.
Located on Paris' chic Left Bank, just a skip and a jump away from the Rodin Museum and swanky department store Le Bon Marché, Coutume café attracts the local smart set as well as coffee connoisseurs from near and far with its exceptional roasts and equally delicious food.
All of the coffee served is freshly roasted and brewed on site in the cafe, and the expert staff are happy to help you find your perfect cup - be it nutty, fruity, spicy or floral. Pop in to the light, airy and laidback space at any time to sample a your coffee of choice in any incarnation - espresso, americano, latte, capuccino, etc - or indeed pick up a bag to take home with you. In the week, sample the delicious, light and healthy lunch menu which changes seasonally but which may feature quinoa, mange-tout and asparagus.
On the weekend, feast on a hearty brunch created by Californian guest chefs Emperor Norton, who create themed and seasonal multi-course meals which include their signature granola, a breakfast burrito and a vegetarian frittata every Saturday and Sunday...all washed down with an aromatic cup of coffee, of course. 
Coutume Cafe
47 rue Babylone, 75007 Paris
Open Tues-Fri, 8am-7pm; Sat-Sun, 10am-7pm

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All photos copyright Kim Laidlaw 


  1. I accept that I am a caffeine junkie, especially in Paris where sipping an espresso at an outdoor cafe is a daily scheduled activity. I am excited to give this place a try!

    1. This is a top notch place to get your caffeine fix in Paris! Try also Merce and the Muse ( , Télescope ( and Kooka Boora ( - and let us know what you think! --Kim xx