Paris - Delhi - Bombay... @ Centre Pompidou

Ravinder Reddy's monumental gold head at the centre of the exhibition
The Pompidou Centre presents Paris-Delhi-Bombay, an exhibition bringing together the work of fifty French and Indian artists, two thirds of which was created especially for the project, to explore the question "What is India today?"

Hema Upadhyay
ORLAN Drap-peaux hybrides
At the entrance to the exhibition is ORLAN's twinkling Draps-peaux Hybrides - a large sequined combination of the French and Indian flags - marking a pseudo passport control where you present your ticket in order to enter begin the voyage of contemporary Indian via this vast and varied body of work.
Gilles Barbier
Pierre & Gilles
The exhibition space is centred on Ravinder Reddy's monumental gold sculpted head, which exalts the ordinary Indian woman to the status of a god to be revered. Branching out from this are six different spaces, each with their own theme - Politics, Urban Development, Religion, Home, Identity and Craft - in which the works of French and Indian artists respond to the notion of Indian contemporary culture and create a dialogue within the space, through the media of painting, sculpture, film and installation.
Sakshi Gupta
Jean-Michel Othoniel

Philippe Ramette
 Paris-Delhi-Bombay is a rich, varied, vibrant and vast exhibition, for a rich, varied, vibrant and vast subject matter.  Until 19th September, 2011. 
Bharti Kher

Place Georges Pompidou
75004 Paris

All images copyright Kim Laidlaw Adrey


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