The 7th Bar @ Terrass Hotel

The 7th, the roof terrace bar of the 4-star Terrass Hotel in Montmartre, is a bar with a view. But not just any old view: the 7th floor vantage point that lends its name to the bar offers a spectacular vista over Paris, with the Tour de Montparnasse, Les Invalides and the Eiffel Tower lined up perfectly from left to right along the horizon. The open-air setting is open from early April to the end of September, weather permitting, with white parasols to protect you from the sun and the breeze of being up high to cool you down on a hot summer day - and with a reasonably priced drinks menu offering cocktails, soft drinks and wine as refreshment. Despite being just minutes away from the grey urbanity of the Place de Clichy, up here in the clouds at the 7th there is an overall atmosphere of being on holiday away from the city. This is perhaps due to the riviera vibe brought about by decor of comfortable yet luxurious garden furniture usually seen in swanky beach resorts, accented with ostentatious touches such as bottles of Dom Perignon displayed on pedestals, and the shiny and bright fake grass that carpets the ground. But the eurotrash undertones fade into the background when you're faced with such a spectacular view of Paris with a glass of chilled wine in hand. The main obstacle to enjoying the terrace this summer has been the awful weather - but if there are any more nice sunny days before the end of the season, we recommend checking this place out for the view alone.

The 7th
Open 11am-midnight, weather permitting
12-14 rue Joseph de Maistre, 75018 Paris
entrance via the lobby of the hotel - take the lift to the 7th Floor.

All photos copyright Kim Laidlaw


  1. During the Occupation the Germans - maybe the Abwehr - occupied the hotel. Rumors after the war hinted that they'd buried money, gold or some treasure in the basement. But no one ever found it...just came to mind when you wrote about his hotel. Thought you'd like to know part of it's past. Cara

  2. i do love this spot for the view. i find the service goes up and down (and the quality of the cocktails kind of seems to as well) But, what I really like is that they opened up the rooftop so that you could just do drinks this summer. it's usually a restaurant - so it's a lot more expensive to get up there and enjoy the scenary. And, even if I grumble about the service, I've still been up here several times over the summer. And, i've shared quite a few of the tapas plates (not sure that's what they call them, but that's the idea - mixed plate of things to munch on) And, they're not bad.