The Book Club at Le Carmen

Tonight sees the first in a series of innovative monthly nights, the Book Club, at Paris' bar of the moment Le Carmen. The dress code is simple, all you have to do is bring a book - a book you have enjoyed and that you wish to discuss and then swap with a book brought by, and enjoyed by, one of your fellow guests. The idea is that this will be a literary salon for the 21st century and that attendees will rely on this event for the best in literature, people and conversation. 

Mustachioed dandy David Piper will be your compere for the evening, and Tom Rosenthal will be at the piano, creating songs on demand. 

Don't forget to wear your blue stockings and don't whatever you do bring a copy of Eat, Pray and Love....

The Book Club at Le Carmen, 
 34 Rue Duperré 75009
Wed 23rd Feb, from 8.30pm
Facebook Event: The Book Club at Le Carmen



  2. I was just at le Carmen last night - but I might try and get down there for this tonight. it's just a gorgeous setting and I love this idea! In talking with some of the staff there i get the idea that they are really trying to do some interesting and unique evenings - I like to see that kind of effort going into the Paris nightlife scene.