Marché des Enfants Rouge - Taeko

There are quite a few Japanese restaurants in Paris (or sushi places, to be more precise - their authenticity is perhaps to be questioned), but let's be honest, most of them you'd be best advised to avoid. Amongst them however are a handful of really excellent quality, truly authentic Japanese establishments, for a range of budgets. For upscale Japanese in the capital, we love Guilo Guilo in the 18th, and for a canteen-style ramen fix, you can't beat Kunitoraya on rue St Anne. But for a good bento box, our Japanese eatery of choice is chez Taeko in the Marais food market, Le Marché des Enfants Rouge. Fight for a table alongside the Taeko stand in the covered market (it gets busy on the weekends) and take your pick from sashimi, salmon tartare, fish croquettes and beef sukiyaki (we swear by the latter two), washed down with green tea. The dishes come served in a bento box with maki rolls, pickles and seasonal vegetables - yum!


Taeko - Marché des Enfants Rouge
39 rue de Bretagne, 75003 Paris
Metro: Filles du Calvaire
Non stop service from noon-6pm / 3pm Sun (closed Mon)


  1. YUM! I want some Japanese food right now! Thanks for the tips! Looks awesome.

  2. I think you've mentioned the only other two places I've been to! Well, besides the now-defunct Rice & Fish and (ahem) Sushi Planet. Let's just say, the Japanese food in Paris (aside from Guilo Guilo, bien sur!) hasn't knocked my socks off.

  3. i'm of the same mind - guilo guilo was a great treat. But otherwise, I'll often grab a box of sushi from one near abbesses (can't remember the name - but it's nothing special) There's one on Rue Biot near Place de Clichy that's not bad - can't remember that name either so it's not so helpful.

    Rice & Fish is now Rice & Beans, i believe (and they also happen to sell tamales made by @Jour_et_Nuit if anyone follows her on twitter (and the tamales are good!) And, i think (i might be getting this all wrong, so double check my random info) Rice & Fish is opening up again somewhere else?? It seems like I heard that - but I could also be full of crap!

    But anyway my rambling aside, i will definitely head out to check out this one! Thanks for the info.

  4. Sounds delicious! It's always good to have personal recommendation to go on for eateries, especially if they're in a place you're not familiar with.

  5. Sushi Shop isn't Cyril Lignac's chain at all. He just consults with them for their "fusiony" dishes...

  6. Yes, it's a shame that Rice and Fish closed / morphed into Rice and Beans - I'd be thrilled if they open up elsewhere, but havent heard about anything - Forest, you'll have to keep us posted if you hear any more! I also quite like Cyril Lignac's sushi at the Parisian chain, Sushi Shop...

  7. This is one of my favorite places! I live down the street from Le Marché des Enfants Rouge and eat at the Japanese stand often. Delicious indeed!

  8. Another awesome place for bento's and homemade, homestyle Japanese food is Onigiriya in the Marché des Batignolles. I'll have to try your suggestion & compare :)
    My favorite Japanese restaurant is actually Japanese/Chinese fusion, Ebis on rue St Roch.

  9. Rice and Fish opened up right one store down from Rice and Beans. In fact, to use the restroom when dining at Rice and Beans, you have to awkwardly walk through their other resto.

    Thanks for the tips, I'm on my way to try Taeko now!

    Any luck with Dim Sum here?