Asian Street Food du MIAM

This week French culinary magazine MIAM hosted another of its gastronomic events, with an evening dedicated to Asian Street Food. The last event at Batofar was an exploration of the humble fish and chip (see our review and photos here) and saw chefs from top Paris eateries Prunier and Toyo cooking up a storm. This time, the evening was hosted at Flateurville, a warehouse-type artist space (read more about Flateurville here) in the 10th, and housed four different stands manned by four different Asian-food restaurants, each serving their interpretation of street food. 

Top marks went to the salmon, sweet potato and shiso spring rolls from Sou, the chef at Ploum, which were simple and delicious.
We also liked the futomaki from the guys at Chez Icho, especially the california roll topped with strawberry. 

A lot of people were raving about Fred & Ginger's chicken pad thai but it was a victim of its own success as by the time we were served there were no noodles left, so we only got to sample a chicken and vegetable stir fry (which was rather good). 

We seemed to spend most of our night (or what felt like most of our lives) in the queue for the duck and chicken yaki yaki skewers. The wait and the hassle were perhaps not worth it, especially as the barbeque cooking meant the whole room for this stand was filled with meat-smoke, and the fact that the meat was seriously undercooked. Although, that said, if you have a high chance of getting food poisoning, it does make for an authentic street food experience. Yaki Yaki, indeed. 

The event was little disorganised and expensive (the futomaki and the pad thai came in at €9 each), but on the whole the food was good, the evening was fun and there was a good vibe and crowd. 

Did you make it down? What did you think?


  1. Wow should have gone here instead of blowing 70 Euros for dinner at Ploum!

  2. Yes, interestingly I thought the Ploum offering was one of the best at MIAM, which is at odds with your recent verdict on the actual Ploum restaurant....

  3. Sounds like a great time (or maybe just great in theory??) - sorry to have missed it. You actually just gave me a hankering for some Japanese soul food on this cool, rainy Sunday!

  4. noodles were absolutely amazing
    sushi was great
    i loved the nems but the yaki yaki were not worth the wait...too much time and smoke...and not half as good as the noodles!

    anyways the place was pretty amazing and i had a great time :)

  5. Thanks for the review as I couldn't make it! queuing seems to be part of the game at MIAM event but it is often worth it!!

  6. Sweet Freak (if I can call you that, Amy) - it was a good time, but if you're craving Japanese soul food in this wet and grey weather, howabout Taeko

    Kiedis - I completely agree with you

    Celine - glad you liked the review, and I guess you're right - queueing is all part of the deal at these events and we chatted to some great people whilst waiting in line, so it's part of the social aspect, too!