Morcheeba Live at Bataclan, Paris

Last night UK trip hop act Morcheeba played the first of their two live dates at Paris' Bataclan. Singer Skye Edwards, who rejoined the band earlier this year, was on top form - charming the crowd with her meliflous tones, her homemade beautiful dress and her cute commentary between tunes.  Their recently released album hasn't been met with great critical acclaim but they mixed a lot of their old classics into their set last night to keep the fans happy. Tonight is the last night in Paris but is also sold out, so get blagging if you want to check Morcheeba out!

Morcheeba - 11th - 12th October, 2010
50 boulevard Voltaire, 
75011 Paris 


  1. Didn't know Skye had rejoined Morcheeba. We love her Mind How You Go album for chill out days it the office. To have seen her in Paris must have been awesome. Officially very jealous here!

  2. really like Morcheeba - but haven't heard the new album. Despite the lack of critical aclaim, is it any good??

  3. LW - thanks for the comment. I must admit, it was quite awesome!
    Forest - I haven't listened to the new album in it's entirety, but from what they played at the gig it sounds pretty good...