Street Food du Miam - Fish and Fries

French culinary magazine Le Miam put on the second of its Street Food events yesterday at the Batofar in Paris. The first event back in June was dedicated to the hamburger, and this time around the guest chefs turned their attentions to the British classic, my favourite, Fish and Chips (the dish celebrates its 150th birthday this year, apparently).

Six stands were dotted around the Batofar, a docked boat that serves as nightclub, restaurant and a great hangout place for an apero in the summer thanks to its "beach" on the adjacent quay. Each stand was manned by a different top chef who proposed a reinterpretation of the lowly dish, with the aim of elevating it to a slightly more haute cuisine status.

For a seaside vibe Chef Mickael Feval (Restaurant Antoine) served up Cod Churros, served with a pipette of sweet and sour sauce.

From the cute little red caravan, which fitted in perfectly with the street-food-by-the-beach atmosphere, Renata Dominik from Cafe Prunier served delicious cod tempura with "tomato petals" (which is basically how a tomato would be treated in Glasgow - covered in batter and deep fried - yum).

Slightly swankier was the beautifully presented offering from Toyomitsu Nakayama (Restaurant Toyo) - cute little bon bons of fish with an anchovy and soya sauce served in golden box with Lotus root crisps.

Les Trois Graces served my favourite and the most "street food" interpretation of the dish - creole fish and chips with a sweet, spicy sauce and chips made from breadfruit.
For pudding, Christophe Adam from Fauchon struck a perfect balance between chi chi and downtown with his hot and cold croquettes filled with milk chocolate, raspberry and balsamic vinegar.
Miam miam!


  1. You always find the fun stuff!

  2. I thought of you actually as they had special cocktails for the event, too!