Ciel - Japanese Patisserie in Paris

Sometimes* you can have your fill of eating flaky, buttery, creamy French pastry in gilded rococo tea rooms of the Ladurgelina calibre in Paris, but that doesn't mean you have to forego your afternoon sugar hit. The perfect foil to all that opulence is Ciel - a minimal Japanese patisserie set in a clean and airy, white space on the Left Bank, serving but one type of cake: fluffy and light angel cakes, which consist of a weightless (and butterless) sponge exterior encasing a subtle cream centre, in flavours ranging from sakura cherry, to yuzu, to earl grey to chocolate. The delectable little cloud-like cake can be eaten seated at the counter, washed down with all kinds of variations of Japanese tea, including an iced matcha latte or toasted green tea, or taken away in a beautiful origami box.  

Patisserie Ciel 
3 rue Monge, Paris 75005

*sometimes, but not often

all photos copyright Kim Laidlaw

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