Bululu Arepera Montmartre

Our radar is telling us that the "other" side of Montmartre - down the hill from the prime tourist photo-op territory of the Sacre Coeur -  is bubbling under as one of the coolest neighbourhoods in Paris right now. We've already told you about burger bar Le Ruisseau, which is drawing local hipsters out of the woodwork, and trendy mid-century modern furniture shop Maison Nordik (check out our full round up in our piece The Other Side of Montmartre), and the area is continuing to build a solid empire of interesting, independent establishments, making this part of town a destination in and of itself. One of the area's top draws is  charmingly ramshackle Venezuelan sandwich joint Bululu - the only Arepera in Paris. In the small space, with chipboard tables and recycled tin cans as cutlery holders , a team of pretty girls with flowery headscarves in their hair explain the Venzuelan sandwiches on offer: made from freshly baked, golden, gluten-free bread, arepas are a filled with various key ingredients such as avocado, tajada (plantain), black beans, cheese and beef. Also on offer are fried plantain chips, and deliciously simple Obleas for pudding - wafer sandwiches filled with sweet Dulce de Leche - and there are a range of juices, beers and lemonades to wash it all down with. Open for lunch and supper, and brunch on weekends. 

20 rue de la Fontaine du But, 
75018 Paris
Open Weds-Fri: 12-2.30; 7.30-11pm
Sat-Sun: 12-11.30pm

all photos copyright Kim Laidlaw / Unlock Paris

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