Pierre Huyghe at Centre Pompidou

Paris’ Centre Pompidou presents the first retrospective of French contemporary artist Pierre Huyghe, with an eclectic show bringing together 50 of his projects spanning over the last 20 years. The works – including paintings, photography, installations, film and performance – are to be viewed in no particular order, with the viewer bouncing around the space like a pinball, guided by their own senses from pieces like Timekeeper, a hole in the wall revealing successive layers of paint left by preceding exhibitions, to L’Expedition Scintillante – Acte 3: Untitled (Black Ice Stage), a live performance of an ice-skater twisting and turning on black ice. The viewer is called upon to be a witness to the exhibition from the outset, with their name being shouted out by an announcer at the entrance of the exhibition, emphasizing the living and breathing dimension of the whole show – which also includes a live pink-legged greyhound (Human) running around between the works, a sculpture with a bee-covered head (Untilled (Ligender Frauenakt)) and an artificial micro-climate including rain, fog and snow (L’Expedition Scintillante – Acte 1: Untitled (Weather Score)). The exhibition creates its own self-perpetuating world that exists regardless of our presence, varying in time and space – but that cries out to be seen.  

Pierre Huyghe
until 6th January 2014

photos copyright Kim Laidlaw 

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