Pressing - Le Panini En Mieux

Thanks to new Parisian street food concept Le Pressing, the humble panini has been elevated from a bland cardboard-like carb-fest to a delectable toasted sandwich showcasing mouthwatering flavour combos in bread borne of superior French baking skills.

Chefs have collaborated with the venture to create a concise selection of gourmet panini recipes, to which they lend their names, featuring fresh, high-quality ingredients, prepared to order and served on top-notch bread from our favourite Paris baker, Gontran Cherrier. The menu changes with the seasons and currently features the salty-sweet Benjamin - aubergine dip, figs, basil and Fourme d’Ambert blue cheese on mixed-grain bread - or the simple, hearty John: ham, 12-month comté cheese, wholegrain mustard on white tradition bread.  
Le Pressing is a street food style set up with no fixed address, instead moving around Paris to serve their handy and delicious sandwiches at various events and locations, including Wanderlust's Joyeux Market, where we had the pleasure of devouring several of their hot toasty Benjamins (not a euphemism; see above) in December. For 2013, Le Pressing team continue to win over the public with a tour around different Paris hotspots. Dates and venues are as follows:
  • La Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels - 18th-19th January for lunch
  • Frenchie Wine Bar - 24th-25th January for lunch
  • Table Ronde - 14th-15th February for lunch and apéritif
  • Chéri Bibi - 23rd-24th February for lunch
  • Bob's Juice Bar - 23rd-24th March for lunch

At each different venue, the resident chef will create a special panini menu. More details of the tour can be found here: 


  1. We were at the Joyeux Market and tried their panini. Way better than anything I've had either in the states or in France.

    1. Hi Phillip, Thanks for the comment. They're delicious, aren't they? Best panini I've ever had, quite frankly...

  2. Ah, this looks delicious :) Thank you for the suggestion.

    I also thought of you when I saw this: isn't it just adorable? Super pretty :)

    All my best,

    1. Hi Carin,
      Thanks for the comment and thanks for the link, too - I'd already seen it (I'm a nail art geek) and I love it. Shows nail art can also be subtle and chic!
      KLA x

  3. Oh! Hourra for that! I got to have one of their amazeballs panninis at the Beef Club last year and thought that after their Wanderlust outing that was it. So happy to see more dates, and recipes to taste! Thank you Kim, Lou xx

    1. Amazeballs is the word - they are just fab! Thanks for your comment, Lou.
      KLA xx

  4. Replies
    1. They are so yummy and a really great team, too!

  5. This looks and sounds like the panini to end all paninis... delish.. Will have to try them on my next visit... xv