Télescope Café

Sandwiched between Paris' Japanese quarter and the exclusive shops of the Palais Royal is Télescope, a bright new cafe bringing a breath of fresh - and delicately coffee scented - air to the area.

Specialists in superior coffee, owners Nicolas and David aim to bring high-quality brew to Paris - a city more traditionally renowned for its weak yet acrid cups of sock-juice espresso. Here the concise menu proposes espresso, filter coffee, noisette or white coffee - and each is prepared with care using excellent ingredients and specialist equipment.

The clean and pure esthetic of Télescope seems in line with the simple concept of focusing on just one product and indeed the purity of the product itself - glass jugs showcase the aroma and the colour of a filter coffee to be poured in to a simple and charming coffee glass on a pretty blue saucer, at a round wooden table. There is something refined, charming and almost Scandinavian in the decor - fresh flowers in the corner, patterned cushions on seats, tin plates, cakes under vintage-looking glass bell jars - it feels homely and cosy, yet fresh and clean. And indeed regulars - tapping away at their Macbooks or reading whilst catching a ray of sun on the bench in front of the shop - have already made this place their own, drinking a filter coffee with home-made granola in the morning, or pairing a robust espresso with a slice of cake in the afternoon.

In additional to the excellent coffee, juice, tea and herbal infusions are also on the menu - and we look forward to going back regularly to try each and every drink and cake at what is quite possibly our new favourite café in Paris.

Télescope Café
5 rue Villedo, 75001 Paris
Open Mon-Sat, 8.30am-6.30pm

Photos: all rights reserved Kim Laidlaw Adrey 2012


  1. !!! WIN! What a find. How would you say it compares to Cafeotheque?

    1. Hi Phil, thanks for the comment. I actually still haven't been to Cafeotheque, so I'll have to let you go to Télescope so that you can let us know your feedback! It's very much on a par with Coutume for quality and good vibes though, if that helps...

  2. Thanks for the tip: if it's on a par with Coutume, then it has to be worth a visit. I wasn't too taken by Cafeotheque...the coffee's interesting, but the atmosphere or the service didn't quite agree with me.

  3. Avoid at all costs !

    The owner is unpleasant, impolite and an uncommon species of frustrated hipster that you wish you never come across again in your life.

    He treats customers like s***, tells them to ''f*** off'', told me '' vous n'êtes qu'un c** '' and fired back at me with ''please write a s***review of my coffee on the Internet like other idiots do''. Check.

    Do not go there, there are plenty other places with much better coffee and a SMILE !