Class Actress Shoot Their New Video in Paris

American synth-pop duo Class Actress have just released their latest video, for the track "Bienvenue", set in none other than the city that we heart so much, Paris. Directed by Gregory Faure and Clement Gino, the video was shot at various Paris landmarks, including the Canal St Martin and Gare du Nord, and a roof terrace with a panoramic view taking in the Eiffel Tower and the Sacre Coeur. 

The video tells the of a love story between the band's glamourous front lady, Elizabeth Harper, who is on a photo-shoot in Paris, and the handsome photographer's assistant, played by Sina Araghi. We were lucky enough to go along to the filming of the video where we asked New Yorker Elizabeth why she chose to shoot in Paris for the film. "Paris is the magnetic pole to NY," she explains. "It is a city for the senses. So for a song called 'Bienvenue', there was only one choice." Paris is personified and becomes almost the third character in the story, as Elizabeth tells us, "Paris is the star of the video really--the main character--we just hopefully accessorize her well." And with Elizabeth's film-noir looks and Sini's  gallic sexiness, they certainly do. The story is underpinned with a romanticism that only Paris can bring, "Paris also brings everything you dont see but can feel in this video," says Elizabeth. "It's a place where anyone can be swept off their feet--there is so much beauty." So do we detect that Elizabeth may be slightly enamoured with the City of Light? "For me it is just such a comfortable, easy city to be in. The rhythm of life there suits me." And indeed, Class Actress will be back in Paris in March when they play at the Les Femmes S'en Mêlent Festival (30th March at La Machine du Moulin Rouge). We look forward to being swept off our feet again by their dreamy sounds then!


  1. Just checked this video out loved the song and very cool clip!!
    Great blog Kim have mentioned you today on my post
    Have a great weekend bbbbbbbbrrrrrr and stay warm!!

  2. Carla, Emma - sorry for my delayed reply. Thank you so much for your kind words! Hope you are both continuing to enjoy the blog. I look forward to reading more of your comments soon!
    -KLA x