Verjus Wine Bar

The couple behind the private supper club Hidden Kitchen has opened up a no-reservation wine bar, Verjus, with a separate restaurant with a different menu upstairs.

Even though it has only just opened, the small, softly-lit bare-brick walled cellar with counter-space only gets packed pretty quickly - the reputation of the Hidden Kitchen preceeds them, and rightly so. There is an excellent selection of wines from €4-12 a glass, and a concise menu of small-plate foods to go with them (between €4-14), which are varied enough to provide either a little aperitif snack or a light supper shared between friends, and even includes sweet options for pudding. Dishes include light-as-air shoestring fries with spicy ketcup, fried chicken that smells so good it nearly won over a vegetarian on our visit and crispy basque pork belly - all of which go beautifully with the judiciously chosen wine.

Verjus, 47 rue Montpensier, 75001 Paris
Open Mon-Fri, 6pm-11pm

All photos copyright Kim Laidlaw


  1. This is definitely an opening worth noting! I can't wait to have Braden's cooking again!

  2. I seriously can't get enough of their chicken. best deep fried chicken in paris!

  3. I having a feeling you'll like it, Amy! And Forest, thanks again for taking us to Verjus - such a great place.

  4. loved this place! Amy, maybe we can meet up here next time you are in town?!