Just off the well trodden track of rue Oberkampf is the Paris-Feni cafe, located in the charming Village Popincourt, a little pedestrianised square which is also home to some antique shops and the trendy pizza joint Al TaglioNamed after the the city in Bangladesh from which the two founders hail and the capital of France in which they now reside, Paris-Feni was aided by ADIE, an organisation which provides micro-credit to small companies who would ordinarily be unable to apply for more traditional loans, and which itself was founded by fellow Bangladeshi Dr Muhammad Yunis (who won the Nobel Peace Prize for the initiative in 2006). But not only is Paris-Feni good for the soul and the greater good of mankind in general, it's also good for the body and the wallet too. Seasonal, fresh fruit juices and salads, colourful and flavoursome Bengali-inspired dishes fill you up nicely whilst swiftly completing your five-a-day requirements, and the whole lot will set you back less than €15. The biryani, which comes in a vegetable, chicken or mixed variety, is particularly good. Delicious, virtuous and cheap - you'll leave feeling entirely cleansed (and with enough change to buy a packet of fags on your way home, should you wish to redress the balance). 

15 bis rue Ternaux, 75011 Paris
Open Tues-Sun, midday - 11.30pm

All photos copyright Kim Laidlaw 

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