Galerie Dukan Hourdequin Opening - Nina Fowler Solo Show

There's a brand new gallery in town! The Marseille born Dukan Hourdequin Gallery has now set up shop in the Paris creative hub of the Northern Marais, inaugurating the new space with "A Real Allegory: Parts 1 & 2", a solo show from British artist Nina Fowler with a new body of work created especially for the occasion.

Fowler's work plays with the sourced image, exploring the gap between fantasy and reality. She often takes celluloid icons of Hollywood frozen in a still from a moment of film and reproduces the image meticulously in pencil, instilling within them a troubling quality which injects fragility into the perceived glamour of the subject. Here the artist also exhibits sculptures, which although glossy and alluring from the front, collapse into an unworked mass from behind, exploring the notion of what we perceive to be real versus what is actually real and revealing a dark, empty side to the shiny world of stardom which is so revered.

Fowler's exhibition has an intensity which ensures that this gallery has arrived on the Paris scene with a bang - this is definitely one to watch!

Nina Fowler - A Real Allegory: Parts 1 & 2
31st May - 2nd July, 2011

Galerie Dukan Hourdequin
24, rue Pastourelle, 75003 Paris

The Artist and the Gallerists at the After Party held at the Autobus Imperiale
All images coyright Kim Laidlaw Adrey

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  1. Wow great analysis of her work! I really like her sculptures. They remind me of Degas 14 year-old dancer, in the way that they are rough in texture and slightly morbid and deformed and yet still strikingly beautiful.

    The Wanderfull Traveler