Paris Winter Sales 2011

Sharpen your elbows as it's that time of year again: the Paris winter sales start today! Bargains galore are to be had across the capital as the first mark down slashes prices on items from the Autumn/Winter collections. Further reductions will be made in subsequent weeks until the end of the sales on 15th February, but the most coveted items are to be had in the first few days of Les Soldes. So plan your strategy carefully and have no mercy. On your marks, get set, go!

Paris Winter Sales 2011: 12th January - 15th February 2011


  1. Shopping in Paris is exciting! I remember asking in my not-very-good French to try something on, and the girl told me to try it on in the middle of the shop! Very intimidating. BUt so worth it for some of the beautiful pieces you can pick up.

  2. "sharpen your elbows"!!! Haa! I like that. :-D too funny.