Mademoiselle London ♥ Paris (sometimes)

Last week two cheeky Londoners in Paris launched their book, Mademoiselle London ♥ Paris (sometimes), a collection of poems and beautiful illustrations detailing the boozy exploits of an English girl finding her way in Paris. 

The book, written in both French and English, doesn't take itself too seriously; its creators, Katya Jezzard-Puyraud and Franki Goodwin, charmingly describe it as "Art and Poetry without the wank".  We read of raucous nights out in Paris that are so vastly different to nights on the tiles in the UK, we see screen after screen of English texts rendered as nonsense due to French predictive text and we are even given bright and breezy grammar tips. But despite its predominantly deadpan tone, it's also a poignant account of how it feels to be lost in Paris. It'd be a good idea to hand them out as standard issue to every English girl coming to live in Paris as they step off the Eurostar...

...but, until that happens,  Mademoiselle London ♥ Paris (sometimes) is available to buy at select Paris bookshops including Shakespeare and Company and The Red Wheelbarrow, or online here

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  1. fun...might make a fun christmas pressie for a few people I know (and I just looked at the website and the price seems pretty reasonable at 10 GBP)