La Bouche - Restaurant

New favourite brunch place alert! La Bouche in the up-and-coming 20th arrondissement is a convivial, laid back restaurant serving excellent food to a bobo type clientele and is now I Heart Paris' number one place to go for Sunday brunch. The relatively small eatery is decorated with an eclectic mix of vintage mismatched chairs and formica tables, creating a 'design' ambiance that is also welcoming and relaxed, and the large windows make for a light and airy atmosphere even if you are elbow to elbow with the people on the next table. The fixed-menu brunch (€19) includes limitless tea, with bread and delicious lemon curd and raspberry jam accompanied by freshly squeezed orange juice, followed by a platter of delights - we had scrambled eggs, onion soup, noodles with gambas, a beef sandwich, a waffle, a muffin, and then carrot cake with strawberry coulis... copious but really very good food! It reminded me a bit of the tray you get on the plane as all the food was served on the same platter in little bowls, except for the fact that this was fresh, homemade and delicious. Also open for lunch and dinner.

La Bouche
1 rue d'Eupatoria
Metro: Menilmontant


  1. looks fantastic! thanks for sharing

  2. You're welcome, Marya! It's just another good reason to be back in Paris...

  3. the bread in the photo looks horrible, industrial fructose laden long life bread ... we have eaten there a few times as it is just around the corner from where we live and the food is amature, unseasonal (carrots in summer?), and boring.

  4. God you sound like a barrel of laughs, Anonymous. Talking of "amatures" [sic], carrots ARE in season in summer. Come to think of it, maybe that's why the bread looks horrible in the photo - perhaps I didn't open the amature of the lens wide enough...