La Rotonde

The gentrification of Paris' 19th arrondissement continues with the opening of La Rotonde, a brasserie housed in an impressive neo-classical building on the Place Stalingrad, overlooking the Canal de l'Ourcq. But despite its lofty architecture, the vibe is laid back and prices are reasonable - the aim of La Rotonde is to recreate an unpretentious place to hang out, drink and eat which is accessible to all. There is a tapas bar which spills out onto the square in fine weather, a cocktail bar, a cafe and a brasserie (also serving brunch on Sundays). The upstairs space, which features balconies surrounded by columns and looking on to the canal, is available for private hire. Cultural events are also scheduled as part of the deal of bringing fun and festivities to this grand setting. 

La Rotonde, 
6-8, place de la Bataille de Stalingrad, 75019 Paris 

all photos copyright Kim Laidlaw 


  1. One question - is it any good? The building and its setting are fantastic, but it would be a shame if they only relied on those two things to attract visitors, and forgot about the quality of the food and drink.

    1. Fashion Brunch IN'a City @ La Rotonde !!

      Great Brunch w/ vintage clothes and amazing french designers pieces = Perfect combo !!

      Come Hungry, Shop Cheaply and Leave HAPPY !!

      You can find some pictures of the event here :

  2. Hi Adam,
    For the opening party, the food and drink we're very good - but need to go back on a normal day to see what the standard is like then, too. In any event the setting is very nice for a drink on the terrace on a nice day and the upstairs bit which is for private hire is also a great venue choice. I'll report back once we've tried out the brasserie food, so stay tuned!

  3. I had diner there yesterday evening. It was quite full but the waiters were quite efficient (a bit too much as we had our plates before ours drinks...). It was good, nothing fancy but good!

  4. Hi Celine, Thanks for the feedback - that's really good to know! Kim x

  5. Ooo! Thanks for this post! I have been waiting for that thing to open for like 3 years! Time to get over there.

  6. On a Saturday afternoon last month, when they were having the fête for the museums on the Quai de Loire, I had lunch there. It was kind of a buffet-style thing (only one luncheon dish avalable), but not all-you-can-eat. It was a special going on for the events that day. For €10, my friend and I got a plate with an Indian-inspired chicken dish, salad, and taboule. I skipped the taboule (gluten in it) but ate the chicken and salad. It was not bad for the reasonable price of €10. I'd like to try the dinners there, though. And the brunch I saw on a Sunday a couple of weekends ago looked pretty delicious, too. I agree with Celine: nothing fancy, but good.

  7. Hello, Just thought you might like to know that the menu has been completely revamped and a lot of changes seem to have taken place. It might be worth revisiting it again